Louisville Real Estate Photography Guide

Louisville Real Estate Photography Guide

Louisville real estate photographers all agree that your home’s marketing will dramatically impact buyers opinions of the house and the final sale price. Professional real estate photography is an important part of the home selling process. The following guide is designed to help homeowners the day of the listing shoot. The big 3 things to remember real estate photographers look for are spaces to be bright, clean, and clear.

Getting Your Home Ready For Professional Real Estate Photography

Clear counters and clutter around the house

It seems simple, but clearing your kitchen counters will make the kitchen and surrounding areas look so much bigger. Some decorative items are okay to stay. Removing any major clutter areas in the home will make the place look clean, clear, and ready for a new owner. 


Remove cars from driveway

When shooting the exterior, the front of the house should be the main focus. Not the car that’s parked in the driveway. If you have a garage, please park it in there or pull it off to the side at the top of the driveway.


Turn all inside lights on and all fans off

Please have all of the lights turned on inside the home. This will make the space look nice and bright for the pictures. Any movement in the photos can create a motion blur in the photos. For this reason, it is best to turn off all of the fans inside the house. 


Replace burnt out light bulbs

Double check that you don’t have any burnt out bulbs in your light fixtures. This will help with the overall brightness of the area and will improve the look of the final pictures. 


Clean and clear bathroom areas

Please clear personal hygiene items from your bathrooms. Removing clutter will make the place look clean, clear, and ready for a new owner. 


Open window treatments

Opening up window treatments lets in so much more natural light and can really help make the space look bigger and brighter. 


Beds made

Double check that all beds are made in each bedroom. 


Remove pet items

Some homebuyers can be allergic to animals or don’t care for pet smells. Cleaning up and putting away dog toys and other pet related items is a good idea. 


Tidy landscaping and patio areas

Curb appeal is real – and it can greatly impact buyers opinion on the property and the final sale price. Please try to clean up any yard trash, tools, and other outdoor clutter.