Louisville Wedding Videography Guide

Louisville Wedding Videography Guide: Tips for the perfect wedding video

Louisville Real Estate Photography | Wedding Videographer social-start-media-louisville-wedding-videographer-186x300 Louisville Wedding Videography Guide  Wedding videographers in Louisville all agree that a successful wedding video starts with good preparation beforehand. This guide of tips and tricks is to gently help with the wedding videography process. It should serve as a starting point and by no means is a “rule book” of what has to happen. At the end of the day, I want to create the best wedding video I can for you and I’m hoping these tips will help along the way. Thank you so much for booking and I’m looking forward to working with you! 


Wedding Day Timeline

Probably the most important thing to have for the wedding photographer and videographer is a detailed timeline of when events are happening on the wedding day. This does not have to be followed to the exact minute, but having your day outlined and timestamped is essential to having the day run smoothly. Below is an example timeline. 

Audio in Wedding Videography

Good meaningful audio really shines in the best wedding videos. Personally written vows to each other are always a great choice and really put that personal touch on the wedding videography. Other audio options include written letters to each other before the ceremony, the officiant’s audio during the ceremony, and any speeches and toasts that happen during the reception. 


First Look

Doing a first look is a great way to create some additional special moments with just the two of you. A lot of the wedding day you’re surrounded by other people. Sometimes it’s nice to get that extra time together and often creates some really touching moments before the ceremony. It also helps get out some of those pre-ceremony jitters (: 

First looks are becoming more popular to see in modern weddings but by no means is doing a first look required. I’ve had couples not do first looks and the couple was still very happy with the final video.


What To Expect From Me

I want your wedding day to be stress free and one you will ENJOY and not have to worry about the little things. I’m one of the most relaxed and easy going people when it comes to filming your wedding day. I’ll roll with punches and adjust to changes while keeping your wedding videography my #1 priority. I love having fun, trying new things, adventuring to new places, and I want to bring you along with me.